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View Our Sample Photo Video Slideshows and See For Yourself The Quality of Our Work
Golf Is Groovy
Once Upon A Time In Las Vegas
A customer sent us his random golf photos and some golf related images he took from the web. He provided no music and no specific image order or specific instructions other than, “I’ll leave it up to you.” 

This show includes 66 slides, we included 3 songs that are golf related as well as various slide styles, transitions, motion, captions and sound effects. In addition, we synched portions of the soundtrack to specifric slides to create sections within the show.

The result is a funny and humorous golf slideshow that the customer watches over and over again!

This show was created solely for sample purposes and was built entirely around the one song used as the soundtrack. The song inspired the theme and includes 45 slides. The purpose was to tell a story with a beginning, middle, and an end. 

We used multiple slide styles and transitions along with captions and title slides. The result is an upbeat, toe-tapping, colorful and flashy show!

Evergreen Acres Landscaping
A local landscaping company using a photo slideshow YouTube video to showcase their work!

Waterville Estates: 40 Years of Trials & Triumphs
We did this slideshow for a local resort homeowner's community's anniversary party showcasing the first 40 years. 

We used a vintage theme style and included multiple transition styles to coordinate with the images.Also included is a scrolling text  slide and caption slides.  No photo editing was done due to time constraints.

We are told that the show was very well received by the party goers!

Ski Daze
A ski themed show that was created using some really cool winter/snowflake slide styles and transitions. Perfect for any winter themed show!

Ray Charles the Blind Golden Retriever
Ray Charles, the blind Golden Retriever has become an internet, Facebook and media sensation. Born on 12/8/12, this little guy has touched so many lives!

This show was created to honor him and his special family and to say thank you for sharing this special little dog with the world.

Ladies With An Attitude
An edgy grunge style fashion slideshow inspired by the song, "Vogue", by Madonna.