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Scanning Guidelines
Scanning Your Own Photos

Scanning your own photos and/or memorabilia is not difficult but it can be very time consuming. The higher the resolution the longer it will take to scan and the larger the file will be.

You should save your scanned photos as .jpeg files and scan between 150-600 dpi. Follow these general guidelines in regards to the size of the original photo and scan accordingly.

When saving your images you will want to include your initials in addition to the number that the photo is to appear in your slideshow. For example, if your name is Mary J. Smith you will name your files "mjs01.jpg" "mjs02.jpg", etc.

If you will be grouping your photos and/or having different chapters or sections in your show, for example if one group or section is going to be of the bride, then you would name the images as mjs-bride01.jpg, etc. and for the groom section  you would name the file as mjs-groom01.jpg and so forth.

However, you can devise your own system for naming and numbering your photos to something that makes sense to you...just make sure that we can understand it. We will need to have this information prior to you uploading the photos to us, so that we know what to expect and who they belong to. When you are ready, you can upload your photos from here.