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Choosing Your Music 
There are literally hundreds of music tracks which are appropriate for most themed dvd slide shows and many of these are interchangeable from one theme to another. 

You want to consider the mood of your show when picking your music. Do you want a serious slow- paced show or a light-hearted humorous one? The music you choose will set the mood and pace of your show. Do the pictures in your show "jive" with the music you want to use?  However, music is a personal choice and you should always use your special and meaningful songs in your show if that is what you want. After all, it is YOUR show!

If you have no particular songs in mind or don't have the time to go through your music files, we can choose the songs for you. Based on your theme and style, we can be inspired to choose the right music to make your show spectacular!  

If you have song ideas but do not have the tracks, we can purchase them for you at  a $2.00 per song.

How Many Songs Do You Need?

50 photos / up to 3 songs / 3-7 min.
100 photos / 5 songs  / 8-12 min.
150 photos / 7 songs /13-18 min.
200 photos / 9 songs / 19-23 min.
250 photos / 11 songs / 24-28 min.
300 photos/ 13 songs/ 30+ min.

This is just an estimate as the time frame will be determined by the length of your music tracks. We can edit/snych song length to fit the number of photos submitted. 

Submitting Your Music

You can send the individual digital tracks via SizeableSend, a free large file upload service, on a flash drive, or send the individual CD'sBecause music files are so large, it isn't advisable to try and email them. If you will be using the file upload service, please send them to

Send packages to:

Illusion FX
36 McCoy Ct.
Campton, NH 03223

If you will be sending photos as well, include them, your order form, deposit and your music all in one package. Be sure to ship either US Priority Mail or Express Mail with tracking information and insurance included. These shipping methods are usually less expensive than either UPS or FedEx. You can ship with any service you prefer, just be sure to get tracking information and let us know which shipping method you will be using.

All original photos, music CD and/or flash drive will be returned to you unharmed. We will send you a confirmation email when we receive your package.